Nordic.AI is a community-initiated nonprofit organization with the purpose of gathering the artificial intelligence & machine learning ecosystems in the the Nordics under one umbrella.

Our mission is to create transparency, opportunity, & cooperations to position the region as a hub for building & creating intelligent learning systems that will shape the way we live and work for many generations to come.


To transform and showcase the Nordic approach to harness new technology. To create a forum of knowledge sharing among AI and ML pioneers that focus on improving lives and solving problem. To connect people across industries, research and startups.

Nordic.AI wants to dissolve the present day infatuation with technology and refocus on what is really important: quality of life.

We are gathering people, companies and ideas trying to make the world just a little smarter and value-driven. Technology should accommodate to us - not the other way around.

Our purpose is to unravel the hype of present state AI and cut to the core of its current capabilities to discuss the technological, ethical and practical perspectives that we will be facing on our path to solving some of the world's most important problems.